Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I think i shouldn't continue some more on the previous topic as it is an never ending one.Maybe you can say that I'm infact tired of this topic!!

The purpose of this post is to show off my unfinish costume. I had only done the inside orange blouse but not the outer one. But i wad eager to take photo with that so i used the silver shimmering costume i made years ago to go with this. The result was not that bad to me and I will continue work hard to finish the costume and will take photo with the full set.

Note: I done the make up in a rush time of 15mins...Pls do not blame if its bad...

These are the photos...

Friday, February 22, 2008

Street Opera VS OPera 1

Well I believed that i had stopped my blog for quite some time....This is due to the workload I had and now my company, we are all damn busi for the Singapore Airshow and followed by the Career Exhibition 2008 in next week.

Ok, i shall actually go into the topic i would like to bring up today and i think that it is going to be a controversial topic for all the opera"reans". To me, people around me had been talking about Street Opera, Stage Opera as well as TV Opera.

Within these group of people, they are actually differentiating the grades of these opera. Even before I could announce which belongs to the lowest class, you should have an answer in you heart. At times, I would realli fedup with people who are criticising street opera. Furthermore, they can tell you that the taiwanese street opera has far more standard then the local ones NOW!!! I guess that from our eyes, it is realli very obvious that Singapore's opera shows had their standard dropping and it is sometimes actors are juz acting for the sake of acting.

Common complaints had been heard by opera fans or people within the circle BUT everytime before you complaint, do you stop for a second to think back how much factors or challenges that the local opera troupe had been fighting hard to survive. In taiwan it is a different case because their people are still enjoying this genre of performing art but not among our Singaporeas. Who will have the extra time to go and watch opera when they are working hard in this stressful and hectic city. If challenges like no younger generation learning and watching opera in taiwan, I am sure they will also be what our local troupe is now! DUn tell me such thing would not happen but sincerely that i would like to express that you people are narrow minded and naive.

As a result, it is very difficult to look for sponsors for the opera troupe because it has lose its value in advertising. For example, a food product; would the marketing person like to ask a actress who has the popularity to advert their product or juz a average auntie who people din even go and notice. Thus the survival of troups in Singapore is difficult. Most of the times, we dun listen to what these actors had to say or had what grievences. We simply juz complaint and complaint about them.......

Apart from that, you people dun even try of comparing the street opera with Stage or TV. They are all different cases. How sure can you people sure that these 2 types of opera are good? I am sure I will offend Yang Li Hua fan now but I am going to speak up the truth. Yang Li Hua juz had an performance in October last year, 2007.

I can TELL you the FACT that she cun act anymore!!! Her movement (Sheng duan) cannot make it le, her singing oso cannot make it le. I was very dissapointed with the show that was performed.

SO you people please do not criticise about the local street oper anymore!!!
I would continue with my post furthermore in next post.