Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dan toushi

Juz made a dan toushi....anyway i planned to sell it...currently its abt 60% done...I did not add any crystals diamonds yet..

Still considering whether to make it a bigger set anot...

anyone interested can put a comment to me to enquire about the price...

Friday, November 28, 2008

nest costume arrive!! new 3 sets of costume finally arrive..!!!i simple love them beri some photo of the product!!!

First is this pink one...wen/wu

My favourite:wen/wu...the wu one very stylo...

still got one blue one...nice also...but no pic to show

Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Product made!!!

Over the long weekend i made this !!abit gu niang budden since i got a pink costume...i should get something to match it...Quite satisfied with the end product...Furthermore spend long time looking for the suitable products...kekekee..enjoy..
Front view:

Back View:

I particularly like these 5 accessories as it is meant for christmas...As what my troupe people say they got to start to work on Ding Dong bells decorations for toushi and costume...HAHAAHAA..
Who knows maybe i can design a santa clause costume for xiaosheng...

Monday, November 17, 2008

Performance at Yishun temple.

It had been weeks since i acted in the big troupe...the last i acted was in the 7 pl troupe...Thus Sat night i decided to perform to ease my itch for acting but on the other hand my temple was having banquet (which i forsake) haahaa...However it was very rush for me as i book out late so had too fly home and fly all the way to yishun!who knows, i completed my make up and wig within 25minutes siah...not too bad la.... see the pic to justify...was abit dissapointed in the eye becuz was modify by someone and it became abit thick on the left eye...right was what i drawn which i find it not too bad.....
Already trying my best to look GREAT on stage!!
Handsome right?my mentor!!!I like the blue....
THis is my johnson-lao pa...Haahaa he takes good care of us when we are in the troupe...(everyone dotes us)Ah Ni...Not bad la...I personally feel that she realli improves alot within these few months in xin yen ling...she know how to do her make up (around 15-30mins),dress up her hair and also she is copying me lo to make headgear (joking)..see her headgear quite nice la...she made it herself...good job!!

This is our sesame oil chicken spokeswoman...haahaa...everyone making fun of me lo...wants me to hug both of them to take photo....i also paiseh...Last butg not to miss out our ze ze...This dude act as one of the Tusk king and he drew so much beard on his face....kinda of fierce...haiz...allowance time i still see him sit down to draw more beard....I think he is crazy for beard too much...haahaa purposely did not turn the photo clockwise...As i wan to create the effect that he is lying on the floor and Im killing him...heehee

Sunday, November 2, 2008

A penny of thought


Today, I suddenly had some thinking about opera. I notice that I had been in this acting circle for about a year which is typically short as compared to other youngster who are in this circle. However, I feel that I had been spending alot of my money in this form of art....Recently, I am crazy about purchasing costume from taiwan and making of headgears...oh my god!!!I juz found out that I had almost 2-3k of collection of costume liaox...and all my haipcs and headgears costs me ard 1-2k in total..Kinda shock sia....but in return, i can dress up nicely and had a wide range of items to use...Eventually, I feel it is quite worth ..anyway i got 2 more sets of costume coming soon next month...

Anyway, ah Ze, wanni and me are discussing how to bring xinyenling online...haahaa wait for the launch of this ba....