Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Yeah after so long...Got another clip on my performance!!!


21st BIRTHDAY!!!

Last Sat was my birthday..And I find that my birthday this year is esp meaningful as i get to celebrate it on stage and furthermore its my 21st birthday...Thanks to those who celebrated for me and i really appreciate the efforts of your arranging my birthday to be celebrated on stage..The major one was in Hougang by my troupe pl and the 2nd one was in Marsiling by aiqin and shu bao.


See?The birthday boy actually got a surprise when a cake was brought to him when he goes to the back stage in middle of show...

Then he blows and cut the cake!@

BDAE boi taking photo with granny...The toushi was made by wanni..its a bdae gift to me...

However, bDAE BOI feels sad because he is old liao ....

This CElebration is over @ MArsiling!!!
Guess who is this hand feeding me? Ans: The Auntie lo...aiqin..
Enjoying the Mango moouse CAKE From BREADTALK!

Their gift and CARD!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Xiao DAN!!

THis is the bian zhuang, from a xiao sheng...transforming to a xiao dan in process!!!


Haahaah!!! got this show and suddenly they ask me to be a 38 maid...at later part of the show cuz initially i died too early in another role...haahaa...FIrst time acted as dan...So glad, the aunties say i acted good on stage cuz i very 38 and they say i can walk until girlish....haahaa...

Haappi family