Saturday, January 24, 2009


MOO Wishes you


Friday, January 23, 2009

First Performance 2009

First performance of 2009.
We performed with ah shio from taiwan...ok la..quite fun as there are some funni moments which we had a good laugh siahx...heehee..I felt quite glad as i had never had a chance to take photo with xiu eng even though i had perform in the troupe for almost 8 months..So we decided to take 2 photo ! In this performance, I change my way of make up...After all i feel quite ok but not satisfied enough..

The MOST STUPID thing is my hair...As im lazy to wear my taiwan wig, i wore a gu ding instead..the guding is not bad la...but because the fringe is not long enough, that makes the front looks funni..but ok la since its the first try....

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Got Response leh..

Glad to hear comments from MIKO, AC and Amai...I thought no one is reading my blog and infact i thought of neglecting my taiwan blog seems to be more active..Haahaa...

To AC and Amai:
I am now making few more toushi...will post up the photo once its ready..anyway the toushi im wearing are all DIY by myself...Further down when Im free, I will post up pictures of all the toushi I had made...

Chinese NEw Year is coming and Im feeling very sianx...No mood for CNY and in Singapore I really cannot feel any ambience for CNY...How i wish i am in Taiwan....