Sunday, August 16, 2009

Saturday, August 8, 2009


For the 3rd day, I din go act cause i go JB..but the third day show is凤山广德尊王传奇.

SO the fourth day show i dun remember the name le...but i act as 程咬金. The name seems big budeen quite a relaxing appear most of time...but not realli need much talking...haahaa...Took photo..budden the make up turn out sucks in the photo...

Photos: Your can see lo my make up very dark...


COn't with the our show.... Second night our show is 江山换美人.. In this show...I got the role of a god. This god is a loyal and brave warrior who serve caocao during the 3 dynasty. So this god is to teach 程咬金 this 开天七十二斧法。During the two scene, the first one i appear and intro who am i (with some part to show my axe martial ). Second scene is to the teaching part. Wa shag...this one got abt 5-8 mins of martial art where i keep playing with the axe not stop.... For this role i din take photo... Then after this role, I become the 文武百官.i like these photo of the zhuang yuan one alot.. Photos:

I find this pic not bad!!!haahaa

Post 2

Yo...In this i going to blog about the first day show...haahaa

First day was a very very shag day for us...At first in my mind, our show gonna be easy and even if we be pengkia or calefe we also just stand there....


we need to run when we battle....SHAG!!! ON the first 3 night show alot of fighting etc and the stage is big, we got to run and run and shout!!! After the first night, everyone is shouting pain here and there... maybe everyone haven exercise for long...haahaa

All our inner white costume dun know wet like what!!!!haahaa

BUT we enjoy the process and got the satisfaction!! Like what Wenjun says:输人不输阵,要拼到底。。

Only 1 photos on my first night... Too shag to take photo...can see la...

In our troupe we got 4 of this costume : REd, Green, Blue and Black...

SHT Post 1

I had just finished the show in Koo Chye Ba Sheng Hong Temple yesterday on 7th Aug. Sorry was too busi to post photos and post up before and during the show...SO NOw i shall start my posts on SHtemple.

Just a slight intro...(those who are in this cricle will know this).
In Singapore, SHT is a place where Singapore troupe will put on their best show and it is kinda a type of grand there as it is competitive or considered as a competition ground where troupes will put in their best in everything from props,costumes, music to acting skills.

POst 1
My troupe, Xin Yan Ling Hokkein Opers Troupe, had 8 days of show over there had we had 3 Taiwanese with us. They are


WenWan (Ah xio)

Wen Jun

Very Glad to have them to act with us ...During the 8 days we coordinate well and everything run on smoothly...haahaah... I am not going to blog about the shows we do but from what i know and have...

On the first 2 days due to our mic system is a new set so we had a bit of problem with it...and of cuz on the 3rd day onwards the whole mic system regain to its full power and everyone was glad...

This time round i can say that the respond is not bad as the 3 days we had quite alot of audience...they sit untill the big caishenye statue (for those who know the place)...Hoohoo...