Tuesday, November 24, 2009


In Lunar august, we got quite a number of show lol...

First is our Geylang lorong 30... Acted 2 days.. but only got foto which i acted as the god of wealth!!
The rest of post about our lunar 8th month i will post in another post!!1

Lunar 7th Month

I see i shall juz briefly blog through this month's happenings...
Basically in this month, we do not have much big opera, mostly are all 7 pl troupe (七艺班) or puppet show (掌中班/布袋戏). When i see our schedule, i was thrilled as this month's show can relax liaox...cause small troupe i always got no worries as i need not rush as our show starts at 8pm so can take my time to make up etc...heehee..furthermore for puppet show i am even more happy, no need make up etc juz need to sit behind the stage and sing and hold puppet niahx(never take photo for puppet show lolx).... Whoo...I see god light in the month... a relaxing month..

This is the show in sembawang..this 7th month celebration is very big...organised by the block of companies there...by a few hundred companies! we got 1 week show there...

Next destination is our favourite west coast temple...first day went there to sing puppet show and next 7 days all small troupe..fun...

Then this photos is the show i taken at telok blangah where i acted as a sick man...There is a short video taken...the background abit noisy..haahaa


Alot of pl had been asking mi why there are no update in my local and taiwan blog!!!!

Sorry for not updating my blog...I had been very busi with work and performance!! FInALLY in this month i get to take a short break cause i dun have much show!!! :p

I promised to update once i got time and will start from the lunar 7th mth performance...cause i ended my post in lunar june...hahaa