Thursday, February 12, 2009

Crazy Posing..

Recently we got this trend in Xin yan Ling...When we are free at the back, we will do all pose and take photo..Haahaa...In the end everyone was laughing all the way and had great fun! Who started the trend? Not sure if its wanni or me..but then I think me lo....haahaa...I think is because of that day i took one with pose with ah Tin ...

First photo of cuz must be leave to ah tin Ma :

Photo With Ah Guang..As he is the Emporer Bro..

Ah Yan !! Couple costume siah...See.. Wanni lo..Wa I wanna seek reddess..She always complaining that I very bad to her..Where got..Pls lo..See her Hair pcs, I make for her one she dun know how to make dan one...Furthermore, I help her arrange one this head lo...

Took alot with Xiao Hua as she teaching Wanni how to pose as dan..I like this photo very Much!!! But It was blur!!!! Freaking Sad...One of these days must take photo with her in this pose again!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Finally...Acted the show I acted.

HAAHAA.. Remember May 2008 last year was my first time performing in this current troupe and the show was 孝子审母亲。Today finally I get to act this show again..Same role..but this time was simply different from that time as I had more experience and know what the show was going on...Last time I only sing 2 verse of 七字仔。But last night , me and ah guang each sing 培思,七字仔,六角美人. 3 songs lei..Not bad liaox...Even though little amendment was made to the show to enhance it..but I believes I had done better than last round the photos...diff de lor...
Last Time photo:

Current photo:Haahaa...At least I had known, I had learn alot during these few months!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Last night which was 9 Feb, we had this show in amk ave 10.This show was a one which everyone was expecting becuz we had never acted this show since many years ago.. 神童仙女定江山 was a show started with everyone go and wish the Jade Emperor as it is his we had sun wu kong, celestial warriors and the heavenly maidens/ fairies...

However, ah yan was the heavenly fairy but she brought something call 圆仔花 from the mortal world up to the heaven and Jade Emporer abolish her to the mortal world for suffering...Ah yan was abolish to the mortal world and she gave birth to this boy call song piat lian who is a very bright boy.cute siahz...wah..her acting skills realli memserize the whole of the audience...really cute and superb to the max...Ah Tin who acted the both the Jade emporer and Emporer role last night...Haahaaa
Towards the end of show, there is some Yim scene ..In the hades...Ah zhe as the wen Judge..Haahaa...not bad la, ah yan was joking that we all 作人不像,作鬼很像

Haahaa...wanni in think she mutilating in the photo...she kena posses liaox...

My gratitude towards my troupe

Time passes by fast and I had almost been in Xin yan Ling for about 8 plus months since 27 May 2008.In this big family, I had never regretted joining and indeed i really learn alot here than where i had learnt previously..Over here, I realli feel the family warmth by everyone and I think I would want to name them to give them the credit !

Our Troupe LEADER ( our ah ma aka grandma):

She will always ask us to be good children. Ask us to put in our heart to learn and encourage us that we will be able to make it one day..She will also ask if im tired and shag in army..

2. ZHu Guan (our teacher):

She always ask if we are tired, hungry etc at all times..Furthermore, she will always bring us bread cuz she scared that we are hungry.. The greatest thing is that she had all the patience in this world to teach us everything we need to learn and she will really explain things clearly for us to understand .

3.Ah Yan JIE:

She will ask if we are tired,whether we have eaten all these..She do take care of us at time like children..haahaa...

4.Ah TIN (can be my mummy liaoz):

*want to know why? Cuz we ban xian go pray pray then ah tin keep saying mother bring son go temple pray pray..See the photo below!

She will ask us to go back early..dun take taxi as economy is bad and save money.Haha...Initially we thought she was quite stern but once we get to know her...she is a funnie person who nowadays keep joking and laughing with us.Her laughter is cute la...

5.Siew Eng Yi :

She will always teach us things if we got afternoon show with her.She is quite quiet but after toking to her, she is kind of motherly too...

6. Last of ALL ...Johnson (laopa):

This ah pa always take care of us...worry everything about is and he will always want us to be the best situation in term of appreance on stage.. His make up haahaa is alot and he always give us good things to use till we also paiseh..esp things he buy from taiwan or hong kong..Sometimes his headgear or hairpcs that he made haven use before, he would juz let us use!..

I want to express a million THANKS to them for doting me so much and I would work out my best to learn as much things as i can..

I would REALLY want to bring out this thing to everyone ..

Anyway, recently I had heard rumours that got person saying about me cannot make it in opera! Its ok nevermind.even i dun make it, I still dun have a foxy make up! I dun give a damn it about what is said to hurt can be seen people are jealous...What a joke man! at least what im acting is a full 3 hr show...and not always the 10-15mins shit things performing again and again lo...Oh ya..I almost forgot to mention.. that at least i got leix? ghost also dun have..
SO WHAT? My troupe members heard that and they all were like saying the person very good mehz?KNS...They ask me to perform well and crave my niche in this area. So what if you are the main role? Want to know the ans? All the people also kena axe by you once they are better than everyone leaves and how u got ur "niaM" lead role. Ops the main is read the other way round as you are a pcs of useless bum from the bottom of the sewage dump!
MY TROUPE LEADER HAD MENTION TO ME ON 31st January 2.24pm that she will push me to learn 2nd sheng role in afternoon show. She will make chance for me be train for the performce!
People who agree/disagree with me can FEEL free to comment ...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mine First Show in The ''NIU'' YEAR


First show in the ox year I get a RETARD character..Haahaa..Kind of challenging far I had never acted or try to make up for such character. Its mine first try and I dunnoe how i had fare during the show... Gonna ask the aunties next time when i see them.

This photo is freaking RETARD !!!!
** If im lyk that in real life, I will jump into SIngapore River

The most retard person with the most Hiao person...hahaa

I believe I had put in my ultimate most effort to bring out the role and whether it is sucessful, i got to leave it to the audience!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

New Hair pcs

I had made this set of toushi earlier on during december as I had no time to post thew photo up...For this toushi, it is use with a combination of the 12 hairpcs...but in the photo i din put in..if there is chance i will take another photo...
Recently I juz made a more dua ban guan during CNY eve..It was a 3 hr plus work ....It can be said to be multi purpose la...Can use as a sheng guan..with my extremely dua ban orange costume..Secondly, can be use as a feng guan also...

Front View

Top View

Back View

Right View

Left View

Ps: Sorry for the lighting as it was not very bright...