Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hair pcs

Yo!! I tried making some hair pieces.. These are pictures...It is due to the camera and the flash that result the inconsistency in the color.

Here you go:

Currently, I making another set but i dunno when it will be ready...In the following post, i will post some of the pictures i taken when trying make up. Hahhaxx..
Time flies!! My attachement is ending..which means that more things will fall on my shoulder rather than juz focusing on a project.

Who cares!!haahaaxx ( in fact, i care alot)

Last Thursday, there is something which really made me happy...

The story begins lyk this:


My lecturer came over to my office and talk to me to find out more about my attachement in this company. As usual, i juz report to her and engage in a short conversation.

So within the conversation she ask me about my blog!! Eventually it shows that even my lecturer visits my blog (even though is out of curiosity and to pass time since bo liao). I think I should contented.

Hmm....Let me post the abstract from our conversation...


M=Me la ! of coz...
Opera= Ge Zai Xi

L: Darran, i saw your blog and you are interested in opera? Seldom see young people who are in this....

M: Well, ther are in fact more and more youngster arounf my age, slightly older or younger who are interested in opera. I think most people had the misperception that opera is meant for older or senior people but the audience group is getting younger...

L: Realli? That sounds interesting. What do you like about the opera?

M: I think i lyk ther costume and their apperance alot..Especially those actor or actress who dress up with fanciful costume and make up until very suave or beautiful. This is something which is very fascinating to watch.
( Juz to add in something for my lecturer: Ms Fong, I lyk the tune in hokkien opera very much. The tunes are soothing and nice.)

L: Doesn't it is lyk cosplay?

M: In fact, now the hokkien opera their costume sometimes also adapt the concept from cosplay. Futhermore, some of the taiwan costume tailors are also tailors for cosplay. People are now actually persuing and mixing some of the japanese elements within the opera.

Then the conversation continues........but im too tired to type eveything down. If you know me and interested to kaypo about everything juz tell me on Msn....


I was feeling kinda of stress and emo last week... I tried strolling along the road quietly for 45 mins which eventually made me feel better..

Well, as usual there are lots of endless stuffs which i cannot finish doing everything within a DAE!! Thats why i find it terrible...Furthermore, recently some of the clients are in lousy mood. esp _ _ _ _ _! ( cun disclose). Maybe he/she is busy with the office work, facing some family problems, stress of cleaning the house for CNY, having PMS or maybe bicker with Husband/ Wife ! There should be some reasons some where...

Juz a message to bring across to these idiots!

Please la, u are an employee and I am also an employee only..WTH lo..stop throwing your temper and be crude to other, thinking that you are a client (big shot mehx)..Anyway u are also using your company money ma...You are juz a geng pi cong!

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Well, I think I shall wrap up the post on MYH for their performance in Singapore. The show they prepared for the last night of performance is on Zhang Guo Lao and Lan Cai He. I like the ending of the show. It was a sad one and they brought the emotions out very well. Credits goes to CZX. She rocks...Especially when the Emperor ask Lan Cai He to imitate how to be a beggar, that was the mosting touching part where most audience couldn't hold back their tears.
Here are some of the pictures taken during the last performance:

Wondering if any one had been viewing my blog? It seems very quiet...Well i guess being low profile is a blessing ....

Monday, January 14, 2008

MHY Part 2 (I)

Sorry...I know that i had not been updating my blog for quite some time.

This is due to:

1) Busy watching MHY show

2) Work

3) Secret ( Will officially announce it at a later date...)

BX had complained to me that i din upload my MHY photos up.

Ok! I shall upload them now.

(eh, i doing during my lunch time lor!!! See how good am I ?)

Saturday, January 5, 2008

As promised, these are the photos for MYH..

I edited the photos to enhance it..Enjoy your time viewing and more photos would be up soon..

The photos are taken after the Ghost Buddha show that they performed that night...

This is the autograph session !!!

Chen Zhao Xiang (Male Lead)

Lead Actress (Ya Sheng) & Actor (Zhao Xiang)

CANDID !!! I believe this is the 101 copy in the world !!!

Chen Shen Zai --> My favourite Actor !!!

So happy to take photo with Ya Sheng !! She is simple beautiful !

Chen Li Qiao & Me

Chen Zhao Xiang & Me....

I was so thrilled after taking the photos!!! Hurray!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Ming Hua Yuan

Hi, this is my first post in the year 2008.

An late announcement to everyone is that Ming Hua Yuan Ri Tuan is now in Singapore GCB performing. They started their performance on 31/12/2007. They commenced their performance in Singapore by arrangine Liu Chuan Jin Gua to be the first show. I heard that it was a fabulous show and I decided to buy tickets to watch their show after that.

With courtesy from GCB Site

This is the first time that i am actually watching MHY's show. As compared to my other troupe members they had watched it just the last october 2007 in taiwan. It was a greater show because they have Sun Cui Feng there! Haha..

(Those who wish to take a look go to Rene's blog and watch.)

I simply love their show !!!! I will upload their pictures soon!!! Stay tuned