Saturday, May 30, 2009


I was kinda bored yesterday afternoon ...So i decided to make on some make up and do some stupid the make up was simple...I did not put foundation but juz some 2 way cake as base..(can be seen as i din even cover the eye brow lol)...

Some photos with my latest costume and diamonds....

Then....I go anf paint my face...hahaahaa....

got lotus, poisoned blood vessel, centipede and er lang shen eye...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

NEW COstume DOne!!!!

FInally after 2 months of hardwork, pek chekness,headache.. etc...I finally finish this set of stupis costume.....Wad this set of costume i got to sew 81 blue jewels on....arhsss...almost killed me siah!!

Take a look at the pictures and feel free to give me feedback!!! Thanks

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Some things for sale...

1)Yang Li Hua VCD set 君臣情深 original set.
Prod description: This set is very difficult to find now and it is almost out of stock in singapore..Neither there is any production of this tittle..I had a brand new set with me which had not been opened.

Prod description: The set is mainly red and white with some crystals...The set can be used seperately..Selling it at a cheap price.

Prod description: Selling this set of opera costume. The condition is 6/10.Willing to sell it at a very cheap price..

Anyone interested can email me for the price enquiries.
Email :