Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Items for sale!!!

Recently, everyone is like selling their items and I found out i had a couple of items to sell also!

1) Condition 7/10

Both Wen/Wu style

2)COlour: Dark/light Green , WHite.Diamonds used.
Condition: 10/10
For anyone interested, kindly leave me comment to enquire more about the products! THanks
more Item comIng Up SooN.....

Thursday, March 19, 2009

New photos

Wanna see my new costume and toushi???
Recently just made thise set....hahaaa dunnoe why recently im into pink and purple fetish ..HAHAHAA..crazy right???? Cum' on bloggers comments pls on the new costume and toushi....

I like this particular photo as it makes my body look slimer...nowadaes pl in my troupe like to take camera anyhow shoot...so must be careful at all times in case they capture ugly photo...

Anyway, xiaoli is currently acting in xin yan ling...so got chance to act together....

Annual Ban Xian

Had not blog for quite some time...Both my local and taiwan blog seems slightly quiet le...but recently because i got more shows that why I got new things to blog lo... ^v^ Paiseh

Its guanyin dan again...last year my troupe (Neon Opera/ Ni Long Ge Zai Xi) had went for banxian for yewkeng and this year we banxian for the session to invite ti gong...we dress up as sheng and dan....