Saturday, March 29, 2008


Haha.. It is officially almost a month that I had not been blogging...haahaa.. I was busy with my association's work...First it was the Airshow then follow by the Career Exhibition...

Then my sintua.. I had help out this week as my tua is having celebration for guanyin dan... It was tiring but of cuz the people who really need full rest are the few heros and heroins.

So that should briefly covers what I had been doing for the past 1 mth. As you know its the Singapore Chinese Arts festival now, so AX had show at Elias CC on 29th March which is today.. It was fun and this is really my first show in AX. Yesterday, 28th night was really a very vexed night for me. I could not coordinate well with the few musicians (trying to be nice) during the rehearsal and I felt really fedup.So.. I had this thinking of being MIA and don't go for the performance..However after in depth thinking, I felt that I should still continue with the irritating show...And I did quite ok for the show which I feel very satisfied....Heehee...I gt a few praises from the 2 audience and 1 waitress at the banquet...Haahaa..I din mention to anyone on the way back with my troupe members but I think its good to officially announce here to HAOLIAN..kekez..

P.s: will try to upload photos & video (if any) taken ASAP