Monday, December 31, 2007

Wishing everyone a very HAPPY 2008 !!!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Recent Shows

I had watched a few show at SH Temple by Xin Yin Feng lead by Kor Sor Hun.. I find the standard average lo..The rest shall keep the comments to myself ..Heeheex
For the few show i watched, I lyk Kor Sor Yong's back wig very much. Its mocha brown with realli soft and straight texture!! So nice...How i wish i can have one too...

Personally, I realli lyk that Justice Bao by a particular Ah Yi, she acted out the role damn well lor.. If you dun believe just go and watch la!
( Haha, u wan to watch oso no chance la since their show going to end soon liaox!!!!)

Pix with courtesy from shtemple website

Anyway just feel very great to say that my troupe members help me to buy these hair pcs from a Taiwan Ah Yi.
I really like it alot and i hope that this SAT when i go down, i can buy another few more to make it a set of 4 per colour.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Make Up ( End )

FINALLY ! Finish with the photo taking and its time to remove my make up...

Heehee..trying the be funni...see what i had done


My eyes are much more bigger !!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Cont' Phototaking / gonna miss a Show

Supposely to watch show with BX and WN but i was so sick. All thanks to the "Curry" served last night for supper. This is the first time watching Xiangju and i may had to give it a miss lo. Hoping that it would get better and i can go and watch the show..

However, I shall continue to blog on the phototaking session.

That day before going to BX home, i checked my cam and made sure that the Batt is fuly charged and WHO KNOWS ......

I EVENTUALLY FORGOT TO OFF THE CAM AFTER LOOKING AT IT AND KEPT IT IN MY BAG !! In the end----> my cam batt became FLAT ! HAix, realli qi si lang ( anger pl to death in hokkien)... I could not take much photo but at least i used my hp to take some.. The quality isn't that good but still acceptable la hor..

Our group Photo

Yu Hua & Me

Bi Xia & Me

Wanni & Me

WOW !!!!!


Singapore got a famous small winter melon but I looks lyk a big winter melon ! -_-"

Friday, December 21, 2007

CheeZY SesSion ( Make-Up Episode)

Wonderful !!

As promised, I will update my blog about Ge Zai Xi (GZX) more often now.

Yesterday some of my troupe members and I went to Rene's home for a make up & photo taking session. It was fun and interesting !!

Taken some snap shots during the session.....

Lets us proceed with the make-up session

Laying Out our Barangs and start Make up. Saw a "Pontianak in the Photo" ( Dun meant to be bad but scared me when uploading the photo and )?

In the process....Transforming in Process

Almost Complete 89% done...


(AnyOne can make A GUESS who is she ??)

CanDID !!!!

This Camera Lady busy.

So i will cont' on the next post......

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Resuming post !!


This blog has been officially hibernated for almost 3 months.

Well, I decided to blog again since now Im more involved in GeZaiXi and has a group of friends who share the same interest as me.

SO stay tune for more postings upcoming up over this weekend.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Advert for Te AMo

I would like to introduce this unique cafe which i visit frequenty. This cafe does not look very appealing outside but inside its really another world. This cafe actually have 2 storey,the first story will look like a very normal cafe but the second level is cool lo. It is actually like a pub where people can chill out and drink there..Its really a nice place.Moreover the drinks there are not so expensive.

I sincerely recommend this drink call Labrini under the beer category. I think i gonna give 3.5 star upon 5 to the drink becuz it really dun taste like beer.


Yoz..I had not been updating my blog a long period of time...Very sorry about that but i hope that i can make up by updating my blog more frequently.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

IMportant NOTICE !!! so busy recently that i hardly had the mood to cum in and blog...haahaaa but today i have a very important thing to blog...

That is to tell your that the show 881 has started screening...Support the show its very nice and touching...This is one of the best local movie that i ever watch...

5 star ***** for the movie

The OST is also out oledi...nice song inside...

Huat arh !!

Huat arh!!

Huat arh!!

881 arh yo a yo....

Sunday, July 15, 2007

'' confuse ''

I had been enjoying opera during my 19 years of life and i think watching opera is a great way to distress myself.However, recently some tong dao zhong ren had been encouraging me to join troupe. They say that it would be a waste that if i dun join a troupe since i lyk opera so much.

I am feeling very confused becuz i wan to join a troupe to learn how to act but i scared that i do not have the time commitment.

Time is never enough for me
Can any kind soul pls give me some advice??

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

My Troupe

Was very bored so i designed this signboard..So i come up with a name of my opera troupe..I realli wan to have my own troupe..

Monday, July 2, 2007

Back from chengdu...

Im back from chengdu for a few days liaox...It was a fun and enjoyable trip in sichuan..Seriously in this trip i think i really learn alot of things from the companies there and from our dearest tour guide Lily...She is really a nice lady who is willing to share with us alot of her knowledge and experience. I had alot of chance to interact with her and found out many of the cultural stuffd in china.

As for the opera, we went to watch the sichuan opera bian lian (changing face). The changing was really cool and it is different from the bian lian we saw from singapore. They are realli pro and on top of that there is also a puppet show..The puppet there is very different from what we say from singapore and taiwan. Their puppet is ard 1m of height.It is very livily easpecially they way they pose, their expression and the finger is realli similar to actors acting in real live.. I am very impressed by that and think if there is a chance for me to get one of it back to singapore but there isn't such chance..

some pictures to share...



A small post thats all

SAw another show of sinsaihong which i think is quite nice..Its from a taiwan script i think becuz i also got a disc of this tittle 鬼菩薩. Not bad i think...

Rating: 8/10

Manage to take very little photo becuz i was sitting at the very back....

xin sai hong

Went to watch xin sai hong at sgoon bio b4 flying off to chengdu...It was a nice show ..heehee i forgot the tittle liaox...

Rating : 7.5/10

Here are some of the pictures i took..

Sunday, July 1, 2007


Welcome to MOO Club...I decided to have another new blog to blog on opera and some other stuffs of mine!! So enjoy browsing thru' siahx....